HERE in Jackson County started with the efforts of community members who believe that everyone in Jackson County deserves a roof over their head and a place they can safely call home. Founded in 2018 and receiving nonprofit tax exempt status in 2019, we will officially begin operating the Jackson Homeless Program beginning in the winter months.

Our Mission

HERE in Jackson County’s mission is to end homelessness throughout Jackson County by providing temporary emergency shelter, housing focused case management services, and administering Rapid Rehousing short term rental assistance.

Our Vision

Our vision is to end homelessness in Jackson County and ensure that every person has access to safe and affordable housing.

We plan on accomplishing this vision through providing temporary emergency shelter and housing focused supports. We also intend to establish an accessible “brick and mortar” year-round shelter in Jackson County, a goal we believe can be accomplished with community support.

If you want to be part of our mission to end homelessness in Jackson County, contact us today!



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